Apr 14

Emily Xie


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11:00 AM - 6:00 PM

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39 Great Jones St, New York, NY 10012, USA

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WHAT TO EXPECT: Join us for an exclusive look at PROOF Curated “Evolving Pixels”. The exhibition is curated by NYC-based artist Emily Xie.

Evolving Pixels: An Exploration of Growth through Computational Art

Evolving Pixels is an exhibition centered around the theme of growth. The show invites a set of diverse digital artists who work with computational technologies––namely, generative or AI-assisted––to investigate what growth means to them.

From literal interpretations of botanical growth as observed in nature to more abstract explorations of personal and creative growth, each artist brings their unique vision and style to the theme, resulting in a multifaceted collection of artwork. Together, these talented artists provide a textured look at a universal concept that pervades all facets of life. Specifically, they invite us to think of growth in relation to the machine. What does it mean to grow, evolve, and change in our increasingly digital world?

PROOF Curated: Evolving Pixels exhibition artists include: @larswander, @NeuralBricolage, @sashastiles, @fingacode, @_juanrg92, @entangledothers, @soficrespo91, @entangledlight, @deanblacc, @ivonatau, @xin_liu_studio + Nan Zhao, @Cory_Haber.


  • PROOF Collective
  • Moonbird Holders
  • +1s Welcome
  • There will be tokengating at the door. No registration required.

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