Apr 13


NFT NYC Sex + Tech mixer hosted by Sx Noir

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6:00 PM - 11:30 PM

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251 Bushwick Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11206 United States

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Hosted by SX Noir this event will explore NFT culture's intersection with sex and technology.

You will also have the opportunity to connect with leaders in the SexTech industry and network with investors, mentors, and more. We will open up the space with a conversation on the future of crypto and nft’s in the sextech space. Followed by a dance party complete with a SexTech performance. We will have VIP bottle services available.


Doors open 6PM

Discussion begins 7PM- Special guest TBA

Preformance 8PM


Understand that women, marginalized genders and BIPOC will be centered in this conversation and we ask you to be mindful of the space you take up.

Who is Sx Noir?

As the founder of Sex Culture Crypto. I aim to create a shame-free safer space to explore our true desires and passions in the rapidly moving space of blockchain technology. SexCultureCrypto will explore what the future of sex, culture, and technology looks like within the crypto and NFTs.

My passion for blockchain technology began in 2021 when I realized how crypto and NFTs could revolutionize sextech. I began to be very vocal about sextech in conversations around crypto and NFTs. I see crypto as a solution to the banking discrimination from centralized institutions because of any business related to the sex industry is seen as a VICE interest. We need a new definition of adult businesses and content. I see NFTs as an opportunity to navigate consent within our creative work and the utility of how it will be used to innovate sextech. SexTech has a trust management problem to manage with the current web2 /centralized system

I produced, directed, and hosted the first-ever SexTech Crypto event. Every event I host has an ethos of empathy. Sexual freedom cannot be based on the morality of the current Web2 leaders to run and control the current platforms like Facebook. We need to look to Web3 and the decentralization of applications and elimination of censorship to create safer and more welcoming communities. Through these discussions and community, we can collectively break the 4th wall between innovation, compassion, and motivation with industry leaders.

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