Apr 12

Tezos Foundation

Tezos NFT Summit

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10:00 AM - 5:34 AM

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6 St Johns Ln, New York, NY 10013, United States

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About this event

The Tezos NFT Summit aims to bring together voices from across web3 ecosystems. Join this event and be a part of the conversation about building the future of NFTs and web3 on Tezos and beyond. Its free to register!

There are three key elements to the Tezos NFT Summit 1) NFT competition 2) Portfolio Review Workshops and 3) Panels & Talks. You don't want to miss the opportunity to network with the top artistic minds in the Tezos NFT community and take your chance at winning big prizes.

The music for the Tezos NFT Summit and music track in the NFT competition below will be curated by Shokunin, founder of DNS.xyz.

Bring your creative genius to the NFT Competition (remote)

Participate in this online NFT competition in any of the 3 tracks: PFP, music or generative art, for a chance at winning up to 5,000 xtz in prizes + promotion to launch your NFT project. You have until Friday14th April to submit your collection! Details and submission criteria HERE

Portfolio Reviews Workshops(IRL)

Budding artists will have a chance to ask questions and get feedback from established artists & art experts in an informal setting, held on the 12th between 10-3pm. Reserve your spot HERE

Sutu Campbell, Co-Founder of EyeJack, AR/VR Artist

Victoria West, Photographer

Brian Mc Alister, Co-founder of Objkt.com

Elena Zavelev, Founder and CEO of CADAF

Anne Bracegirdle, Web3 and Partnerships Strategic Advisor at FKB Studio

Roger Haas, Founder & CEO of ArtMeta

Sara Weintraub, Program Director of Christie’s Education New York

Pierre Gervois, Crypto-Poet and Award-Winning Filmmaker. Adjunct Professor at New York University

Jessica Hodin, Independent Curator at Good To Know FYI

Kaloh, writer of Kaloh's newsletter about generative and crypto art trends and markets

Panels & Talks Agenda 12th & 13th April (IRL)


10:00 am Welcome to the Tezos NFT Summit - Alex Liu

10:30 am Keynote from Tezos co-founder - Arthur Breitman

10:45 am Panel: Art on the Blockchain: Get A Glimpse of Whats Next - Brian Mc Alister, Ana Maria Caballero, Paul Schmidt

11:30 am Panel: Stepping Into the Future: Where Does Blockchain Take Us? - Manuel Rossner, Jiayin Chen, Sutu Campbell , Valerie Whitacre

12:20 pm Fireside chat: Introducing the Champ Medici Art Fund - Shiv Jain, Valerie Whitacre

1:00 pm Panel: Decoding the Digital Canvas: Exploring New Artistic Practices - Laurence Fuller, Zancan, Aleksandra Art, Sasha Stiles

1:45 pm Panel: Revolutionizing Art Experiences: Blockchain and NFT Art in Curatorial Practices - Anika Meier, George Vitale, Diana Velasco, Elena Zavelev

2:45 pm Keynote Tezos Commons Spotlight - Alex Liu, Stu Elmes

3:15 pm Fireside chat: Future of Fandom: How Blockchain Technology is Reviving Engagement - Max Wolfe, Mason Edwards

4:00 pm Keynote: How Blockchain Redefines Impact - Mo Ghoneim

4:15 pm Closing remarks from Mason Edwards, COO at Tezos Foundation

7:00 pm Speaker Reception (invite only)


10:00 am Welcome back: Recap of Day 1 - Marissa Trew

10:15 am Showcase: How the California DMV put car titles on Tezos - Andrew Smith, Iryna Gerasymova

10:30 am Panel: The Art of Disruption: How Blockchain and NFTs are Changing the Art Market - Wade Wallerstein, Micol Ap, Kaloh, Richard Entrup

11:30 am Panel: Decentralization for Better Futures - Jose Andres, Valerie Whitacre, Sebastien Heimann, Nathaniel Stern

12:15 Panel : Institutional Responsibility: Developing Standards of Best Practice in Web3 - Regina Harsanyi, Aubrie Weinholt, Barry Threw, Marissa Trew

1:00 pm Fireside chat: Photography & NFTs: This isn't the first time - Valerie Whitacre, Victoria West

1:25 pm Panel: Beyond Spotify: How music NFTs are transforming the industry with DNS - Shokunin, Chris Catoya, and surprise guests :)

2:10 pm Closing remarks from Mason Edwards, COO at Tezos Foundation

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