Apr 12

World of My Mind

World of My Mind presents The Phygital Experience

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5:00 PM - 3:04 AM

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750 Nostrand Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11216, USA

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The Phygital Experience at the newly renovated Crown Hill event space will present attendees with an IRL immersive experience. An interactive Art exhibit featuring physical artwork that has a presence in the digital space as NFTs, some have augmented reality features, while some represent the digital landscape, all of these physical artists have journeyed into Web3.

There will be panel discussions featuring some of the best minds in Web3, popular culture, and technology, giving the audience a real look at the movers in the culture of Web3

Each day will feature a performance by artists who are either creating music for the blockchain or transitioning into this new audible territory. Hip Hop Icon Buckshot, from Blackmoon, will take the stage as he was one of the early adopters of crypto and Web3 technology to leverage his music. Performances also include The Bad Boy of Blues Emmanuel Casablanca, Rock Star Princess Elea, and R&B Diva Rasheeda Wallace.

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